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The exact naming of this test is: dynamic monolithic leaching test with continuous leachant renewal under conditions relevant for specified scenario(s).

A video presenting an example of performing of this test is available on the following link: download the video : Télécharger la vidéo

The principle consists in installing a monolithic test portion in a continuous flow of leachant and to follow the concentration of released elements at fixed intervals outside the reactor. The continuous renewal is insured by a flow of leachant at the entry of the agitated reactor. The homogeneity is insured by a continuous mixing which can be performed by a circulation with high flow in closed circuit by a peristaltic pump.

In the example presented on the video, the leachant supply of the reactor is made by a tangential entry at the base level. The eluate discharge is realised at the top by a tangential exit that is situated on the opposite to limit the hydraulic short circuits. This choice allows generating a cyclonic effect to perfect the agitation. The leaching reactor is constituted by the cylindrical container containing the test portion and the stirring device. The liquid phase of the reactor is thus constituted by the liquid contained in the cylindrical container and in the circulation pipe (agitation).

The "average" collection corresponds to the collection of all the water at the exit of the system between every collection times. This type of collection allows determining the cumulated release of each element at the outlet of the reactor.

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